Los Angeles Special Event Chair Massage

When planning your next special event in Los Angeles, consider offering a complimentary chair massage to your guests! An on-site chair massage is a wonderful way to make any special event more successful and enjoyable. Whether you are organizing a sporting event, birthday party, wedding, anniversary, family reunion or other celebration, JoyLife Therapeutics will provide highly skilled, certified chair massage therapists to make your special event an occasion to remember.

Planning an important event takes a lot of time and effort and the high expectations for success can cause physical and emotional strain for planners and guests alike. Event planners are often working up until the very last minute and those who attend the event usually spend hours on their feet. This can lead to aches, pains and fatigue and keep guests from taking full advantage of all the event has to offer. Chair massage is extremely effective in reducing pain and tension and its revitalizing benefits will keep you and your guests in the mood to celebrate. JoyLife Therapeutics can provide cost-effective and convenient therapeutic chair massage to events such as:

Family Reunions
Surprise Parties
Holiday Celebrations
Birthday Parties
Religious Gatherings
Office Parties
Sporting Events
and much more!

Sporting events are ideal for offering a seated massage because most participants are not full time athletes and run an increased risk of straining or injuring themselves. Chair massage gently alleviates muscle and joint pain and stretches muscles and tissues to help prevent injury. Our team of trained, certified chair massage therapists can help to keep everyone playing at their best.

Event Planners

We know that event planning requires you to deliver the very best to your client on time and on budget. JoyLife Therapeutics can offer a unique and enjoyable chair massage experience that will encourage event attendance and make your next special event in Los Angeles an occasion to remember. Our flexible time and budget scales allow us to accommodate any size venue and we will meet or exceed your expectations every time. Submit your requirements to us in writing and JoyLife Therapeutics will guarantee prompt arrival and top quality service. Please inquire about our special volume discounts for professional wedding and event planners!

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