Los Angeles Office Massage

Los Angeles is a popular place to live and work because of its beautiful scenery, moderate climate and many professional opportunities. The city’s rapid pace and competitive corporate culture can sometimes take a toll on the mind and body. Professionals are spending more time working and commuting and have less time to take care of themselves. This can lead to increased tension, mental fatigue and other stress related issues that can reduce worker productivity and lead to more serious health problems. Many corporations are looking to improve employee productivity while addressing the detrimental effects of workplace stress. Office chair massage has become a popular choice for companies who wish to reduce turnover and cut down on absenteeism.

On-site workplace massage is an ideal way to augment an existing employee health care plan or incentive program. An office chair massage reduces tension and muscle aches and lets workers know that their employer appreciates their effort and is committed to their well-being. JoyLife Therapeutics provides on-site corporate chair massage to your Los Angeles office. We have a network of skilled, professional massage therapists who are available to provide therapeutic chair massage at your office when it is most convenient for you.

Benefits of Los Angeles Office Chair Massage

Workplace chair massage is performed in short, concentrated sessions. The healing benefits can be experienced in the same amount of time as an average coffee break. There is no need for clients to undress or change clothes, because our chair massage therapists do not use oils. The massage chair is quickly and easily set up and is completely adjustable to fit people of all shapes and sizes. Any corner or small space is transformed into a healing retreat.

The unique design of the massage chair elongates the spine and our certified massage therapists gently soothe away tension held in the shoulders and neck, reducing the frequency and severity of tension headaches and relieving pain caused by non-ergonomic work stations. Chair massage is also effective in treating lower back pain and chronic discomfort caused by repetitive stress injuries. In a matter of minutes, employees can feel pain free, relaxed and more satisfied with their workload. There are several important benefits to a Los Angeles workplace massage, including:

Reduced tension and stress
Relief from eye strain
Fewer and less severe tension headaches
Lower blood pressure
Decreased anxiety
Heightened sense of well being and job satisfaction
Improved problem solving skills

Lower turnover
Fewer sick days
Less absenteeism
More productive staff
Positive office environment
Incentive for attracting top talent

A chair massage is also an excellent gift for important business contacts and valued clients. JoyLife Therapeutics offers gift packages that are artfully designed, printed and wrapped to make an elegant presentation. Gift certificates are sent directly to the client, or if you prefer, we will send them to you so that you may personally present them. We can also arrange for gift packages to be delivered by a courier service for that added personal touch. JoyLife Therapeutics wants your gift of chair massage to be unforgettable and we will do whatever it takes to help you make a lasting impression. Keep us in mind for your next office surprise party or corporate event!

JoyLife Therapeutics can provide top quality therapeutic chair massage at your convenience because we operate on highly flexible time and budget scales. In addition, all of our certified massage therapists are licensed to practice in their respective areas and all carry professional liability insurance. JoyLife Therapeutics is also fully covered by Commercial Liability Insurance. We guarantee that you will receive prompt, courteous and top quality service every time.

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