Los Angeles Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to maintain a healthy workforce. High rates of turnover and absenteeism cost companies millions of dollars annually in lost productivity. Companies are becoming more proactive in their approach to employee wellness, and many are initiating programs that promote healthy eating, weight management, smoking cessation and stress mitigation. While these programs aim to reduce sick days and increase productivity, many employees are finding them to be intrusive and are reluctant to participate. Programs that require attendance to nutritional seminars or mandatory trips to the gym can cause agitation and resentment among employees who feel that their personal time is being manipulated.

On-site workplace chair massage is an enjoyable and cost-effective way for companies to improve worker productivity, while promoting good health in a non-intrusive manner. Workers are more likely to take advantage of an on-site office chair massage and the positive experience of a seated massage can make employees more willing to participate in the wellness program as a whole.

Benefits of Office Chair Massage for Los Angeles Corporate Wellness Programs

Workplace stress is unavoidable and when left unaddressed, excess stress can lead to insomnia, anxiety, tension headaches and depressed immune system function. Over time, unmitigated stress can be a contributing factor to more serious illnesses, which increases absenteeism and reduces worker productivity. Chronic pain is also a condition that is found more and more among office workers. Poor posture and non-ergonomically designed workspaces are two of the most common causes of pain in the workplace. Lower back pain is a common complaint, and repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are on the rise. Workplace chair massage has been proven to relieve lower back pain and aids in the healing of injuries associated with RSI.

On-site office chair massage is a cost effective option in comparison with other worker benefits. JoyLife Therapeutics offers flexible time and budget scales to provide top quality therapeutic chair massage to your Los Angeles office at your convenience. Chair massage sessions last between 5 and 15 minutes and no oils are used, which eliminates the need for clients to undress or change clothing. The chair massage station requires only a small amount of space and can be completely operational in a matter of minutes. The massage chair is fully adjustable and accommodates clients of all sizes and the positive benefits of the chair massage are felt immediately. Recipients feel more relaxed, less anxious, pain free and reenergized. Employees who are given the option of workplace chair massage report feeling more focused, are more efficient problem solvers and have a better sense of job satisfaction. Companies that offer on-site seated massage benefit from a more positive office environment, less absenteeism and a more focused, productive staff.

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