Chair Massage at Your Los Angeles Health Fair

Many companies and community groups in Los Angeles are organizing health fairs in order to make low cost screenings and valuable health information available to a wide range of people. Health fairs are an effective way to distribute information in a centralized location and an increasing number of corporations are organizing health fairs to compliment their employee wellness programs. With all of the effort needed to organize a health fair, it is important to have the highest possible number of attendees to make it a successful event. Offering a chair massage at your next health fair in Los Angeles is a wonderful way to attract visitors and to help them to take full advantage of the information and services being offered.

For those who live and work in Los Angeles, stress can be an issue that affects all aspects of daily life. The competitive nature of the corporate culture and longer commuting times can generate feelings of anxiety, tension and cause mental fatigue. Over time, the failure to properly manage stress can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, insomnia and other serious health conditions. Therapeutic chair massage has been proven effective in treating stress related maladies and is a cost-effective and convenient option that companies can use to augment their existing health plans.

JoyLife Therapeutics can supply one or several certified chair massage therapists to your next health fair. Our highly skilled and licensed massage therapists can gently soothe muscle aches and pains, relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and provide clients with a stress relieving experience that will leave them more focused and apt to take full advantage of all that the health fair has to offer. Seated massage sessions last between 5 and 15 minutes and no oils are used. Clients remain fully clothed and emerge feeling rejuvenated and pain free.

Benefits for attendees include:
Stress relief
Lower blood pressure
Improved stamina and focus
More positive attitude
Fewer tension headaches

Organizer benefits include:
Increased awareness of your event
Better event attendance
More alert attendees
Enhanced enjoyment of the event
Attendees are more receptive to the healthcare options available

Scheduling A Chair Massage At Your Health Fair

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