Chair Massage at Your Los Angeles Trade Show Booth

Los Angeles is a popular location for conventions and trade shows. It is a city of diverse cultural offerings, a capital of the American entertainment industry and center for industry and commerce. Thousands of people descend on Los Angeles each year in order to promote their latest products and add to their client base. Trade show advertising is extremely competitive and vendors are always looking to make their booth stand out from the rest. Aisle after aisle, one sees a myriad of promotional offerings, such as pens, coffee mugs and key chains. While these may help to spread the company’s name and logo, they do little to attract or impress visitors. Offering a free on-site trade show massage is a tool that you can use to increase interest in your booth and give you a competitive marketing edge.

Los Angeles Trade Show Chair Massage: Making Contact

A chair massage is an enjoyable experience and people will gather around and wait in line in order to receive a seated massage. This gives your sales team the extra time they need to make contact and deliver their sales pitch. This added time allows for quality interaction with future clients and gives you the opportunity to show them how your company or product can meet their needs. Trade shows and conventions are routinely held in large venues and convention-goers usually travel a long way to attend. This can leave attendees feeling achy, fatigued and a bit overwhelmed. Chair massage is a great way to relieve muscle aches and revitalize the mind. A typical trade show massage lasts between 5-15 minutes and its healing qualities are felt immediately. Clients are likely to associate their positive experience with the company who provided it, thus generating positive name recognition for your product.

Chair Massage at Your Convention Presence: Your Strategy

You can choose to provide one or several chair massage stations at your convention booth. There are some key factors to take into consideration in order to provide the right number of certified massage therapists:

  • The number of sales representatives at the booth
  • The number of people attending the event
  • The estimated number of visitors who are likely to want a massage

The most important factor is the size of the sales team at your booth. We want to ensure that everyone stays busy and recommend a ratio of 1 certified massage therapist to every 2 sales people. If there are too many convention massage stations, your sales team may not have enough time to interact with potential clients before they leave the massage chair. If too few trade show massage stations are set up, wait times could become too long and cause a drop-off in guests. We suggest keeping the wait time between 5-7 minutes in order to give you the opportunity to reach future clients while providing them with a rewarding chair massage experience.

  • Raise Visibility
  • Increase Traffic
  • Improve Sales Potential
  • Build More Leads

Scheduling Your Chair Massage in Los Angeles

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